"Covenanting and Collaborating Collectively for the Cause of Christ"

Church Growth and Development Conference and 
Christian Education Forum
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Message from President Sadler

Greetings to all pastors, delegates, messengers, and supporters of the Baptist Educational Congress of D.C. and Vicinity, an “Award Winning Christian Education Leadership School”:

This year is full of promise, possibilities, and opportunities and we are excited and want you to be a part of all of our activities.

You are invited to participate in the upcoming Church Growth and Development Conference, 73rd Annual Session, and we hope that you will become a Covenant Partner.

The Congress needs your support this year in the following ways:

Register and enroll delegates for the Church Growth and Development  Conference and Christian Education Forum.  This Conference will be held at Mt. Jezreel Baptist Church 420 University Boulevard, E Silver Spring, MD, Dr. Eldridge Spearman, host pastor.  Three Day Conference - January 28, 29, 30, 2016.

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Enroll and register for the 73rd Annual Session of the Educational Congress.  The Annual Session will be held at Eleanor Roosevelt High School, 7601 Hanover Parkway, Greenbelt, MD, Rev. Justin T. Rhodes, Congress Dean, Annual Session May 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 2016.  Information will be available soon on this website.

Register as a Covenant Partner with a donation of $1,000 which includes:

•Unlimited delegates can register at the Annual Session
Unlimited delegates can register at the Fall 2016 Christian Ed Forum
Technical support from our team and have them set up CLS 
Receive the service of a certified dean to certify instructors and members

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We look forward to serving and assisting with your Christian Education needs.

Covenanting and Collaborating Collectively for the Cause of Christ,

Donald K. Sadler, Congress President


Monthly Meetings

We value your opinions, so we urge you to attend our meetings and share in the opportunity to plan for Congress 2016.  Our meetings are held at 6 pm on the Monday after the 4th Sunday of each month at New Morning Star Baptist Church, 5016 Sheriff Rd NE, Washington, DC 20019.