"Covenanting and Collaborating Collectively for the Cause of Christ"

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President's Greetings

Greetings Pastors, Christian Education Directors, Delegates, Messengers, Supporters and Friends of the Congress,

It is my pleasure to greet each of you as your newly elected President of the Baptist Educational Congress of D.C. and Vicinity, an “Award Winning Christian Education Leadership School.” The Congress has historically been made up of pastors who believe that Christian Education is the foundation for lifelong learning and growth toward a mature and vital faith. With intentional learning and Christian formation, we become the people God calls us to be, and we develop gifts and strengths for encouraging and leading others to the same strong faith. 

It is my goal to promote the vital role of Christian Education and spread this view to more churches in our area.  Our 2015 theme is, “Covenanting and Collaborating Collectively for the Cause of Christ.”  We trust God and believe that our excitement will cause a movement that makes this Congress an outstanding resource and encourages all churches to see the need for and value of...  Read More


Save the Dates:

March 21, 2015: Christian Education Forum

Monday, May 4 to Friday May 8, 2015: Baptist Educational Congress Annual Session

 - More information is coming soon! -